I was listening to the “Make Life Beautiful” audio book by Shea Mcgee. She mentioned how she never thought she could be a designer because she couldn’t DRAW. And I thought SAME. All my life I had the idea that I could never do anything artistic because I couldn’t DRAW. What a limiting belief! Just wanted to throw that out there for anyone else that believes such things about themselves…lets get rid of limiting beliefs in our lives.

But really, this post is about Kelsey and Jake being available last minute so that we could test out the new Sony A7Siii and play with vintage Super 8 film. THANK YOU. You allowed us just to have fun and CREATE! They were both so care free, relaxed, and trusted us to just let us do our thing. Posing is actually a lot of fun. We guide and director our couples with movement and prompts all along the way. Find out more about how we work here: Experience

Now for the gear nerds, working with the new Sony A7Siii with 10-bit color is a DREAM. The color range and dynamic range of the highlights to shadows is everything we need. And the vintage Super 8 camera brings just the right amount of nostalgia.

Congratulations to Jake and Kelsey on your engagement! We hope you all enjoy this beautiful unique film as much as we did. It was so much fun to create.

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Location: Fossils Gorge

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