Welcome to the wild world of wedding costs.

Money and budgets - Real talk.

the $cary moment of truth.  Lets talk

money honey.

The best things in life are free (think sunsets, a warm embrace, laughter, your mom's home cooking), but some things are worth the price.  Like clothes that last, Egyptian cotton sheets, WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHY, and never buy generic macaroni (you're welcome).  What I'm trying to say is, we're going to be way better than your friend with their new Go Pro or Aunt Sally on her iPad. 


A bunch of groomsmen in funny matching socks not your thing?  SAME.  More isn't always better.  Forget about spending hours trying to figure out the best method of napkin folding.  Ditch tradition, cliche, and go crazy.  Maybe just get married under the moon.  

The boring but important stuff: 6% sales tax to be added as required by law, and a 30% retainer due to secure your date.

10-12 hours
no travel fee up to 150 miles
12. week turnaround
digital delivery
and more!

Minimum 4 hours
no travel fee up to 150 miles
3 Minute Highlight
60 Second teaser
12 week turnaround
digital. delivery
Contact for a custom quote




You want the WHOLE gang there and a wedding packed with punch.  Your six minute highlight will be JAM PACKED with all the best moments.  

i want in!

here's our pitch:

First look anxiety. Was he too nervous to say anything? Did he get choked up as you turned around to show him the back of your dress? These memories are strong but they FADE.

Sure, a photo of your fiance walking his Grandma down the aisle is great but HOW did she walk? Was there a simple smile or nervous laughter? Did she 'get something in her eye'? If there's only a picture I promise you won't remember. #isaidwhatisaid

Grandpa doing the shimmy shake while the DJ is playing the WAP.  Need I say more?  

Scene One

Scene Two

Scene Three