Let’s face it, the idea of a “perfect” wedding is about as realistic as finding a unicorn in your backyard. That’s why we’re all about embracing the beauty of imperfection and celebrating what makes us unique. Your dress might get stepped on a time or two (or ten).   And that's okay. Let’s laugh at our mishaps and dance like nobody’s watching (even though they totally are). 


Can we pleeease talk about overly orchestrated poses in wedding videos? We're not going to subject you to cheesy slow mo kisses and fake veil tosses.  Let's be honest, you don't need smoke machines, confetti cannons, or fancy editing and graphics to be a baller - you just need to be yourselves.



Vanilla ice cream is okay, but our films tend to be more chocolate chip cookie dough.  Driven by your vows, bridal party shenanigans, and candid moments, your film will be infused with your personality.

Now, we all feel a little awkward in front of the camera.  But instead of it feeling like a first date with a Tinder match, we'll do our best to make you feel comfortable.   So, take a deep breath, relax, and get ready to show off your love like Beyonce at the Super Bowl.   And who knows? Maybe, just maybe, we'll even make you forget that you're being filmed altogether. (Okay, that might be a stretch, but we'll do our best!)



"Six months later, I am still in awe of the moments they captured. As two people who are relatively camera shy, Travis + Joni helped us feel so comfortable in front of the camera. Dare I say, we even had FUN being front of the camera. I would have paid them triple to get the hospitality and quality  of content that they gave us.."

Sarah stover


"Travis + Joni are two of the most kind and talented humans I have ever met! "

NOTE TO SELF: don't forget to film all the embarrassing moments that will make the wedding party wish they had hired a different videographer.