Dare you not to cry!

So you think you're awkward? This bride thought that too...

Films that just hit different


our approach...


Wedding films tend to get real corny real quick.  We pride ourselves on making wedding films a little less about the cheese and more about how you're wicked cool all on your own.  We capture the day as it happens and infused with YOUR personality.

Unique. Vanilla ice cream is okay, but our films tend to be more chocolate chip cookie dough.  Driven by your vows, bridal party shenanigans, and our Mad Skills, your film will be iconic.  

Unpopular wedding opinion: Your day doesn't have to be perfect.  Your hair will fall out of place, makeup smeared by happy tears, and your dress might get stepped on a time or two (or ten).  And that's ok.  These messy moments are you.    

Care-free + Laid back




Plus we rock vintage super 8 film..... We so fancy.


You may have caught that lovin' feelin' if:

• You don't want over complicated packages and pricing.

• You want a binge-worthy wedding collection that you can watch over and over.

• You don’t want to miss a single detail. After all, it’s the little joys that keep you going. 

• Makeup smeared from tears? Who cares! It's these moments that matter.

• You want a film that reflects a dream to be built upon for years to come. 


Home is in North Liberty, Iowa, but we are down to travel wherever!

Where are you located?

We believe a 6 minute highlight is the perfect length to jam pack it with all the best moments of the day, while also keeping attention.  We do offer a longer length highlight as an add-on option.

HOW LONG IS my highlight?

In short: No.  Just trust us! 
The long answer:  If you've gotten this far, then you love our style.  We use music that we can license because well...it's illegal if we don't.  We subscribe to the best music licensing sites in the industry.  With our musical backgrounds we intimately understand the power of song.  We take in the vibe of your day and choose the perfect arrangement for your film.  

Can we choose our own music?

Of course!  Joni comes from a 10 year background in photography so she's had A LOT of experience in posing couples.  Our prompts and posses are with movement, so it's easy and fun!  We'll make you look so bad and bougie, we promise!  


Yes-ish.  We have an extra add-on film called THE HEIRLOOM. It's a great way for brides to archive their WHOLE day.  This is not a creative film - it's basically all the usable clips gathered into a chronological timeline for you to. view your whole day.  This includes first dances, complete first looks, any letter reading, portrait time, group dancing etc etc etc 

can we have the raw footage?

We have wedding collections finished within 12 weeks from your wedding date.

what is the turn around time for our films?

Yes!  We love creative collaboration.  Need a small business promo, we got you.  Family films? Gender reveal? Pregnancy announcement?  Whatever you can think up, we'd love to film it.  Contact us for a custom quote.  

do you film other things besides weddings?

Welcome to the club!  We all feel awkward in front of the camera.  We promise we'll prompt and direct you along the way.  It's easy and fun!

what if we're awkward in front of the camera?

We'll help with whatever you need!  From advice on giving a great toast to vendor referrals to lifting heavy objects on the day of (no, seriously!).  And don't look up wedding timelines online unless you want to have a heart attack.  We can help with that too!  

do you help in the planning process?

We watched it together and cried all over again! SO GORGEOUS you guys did everything I could have wanted from a videographer. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

"We cried all over again!"